About SpeedMount™

Solar SpeedMount™ is an innovative Low-Profile universal mounting system designed to reduce the cost, time, and hardware used in the installation of solar systems. Solar SpeedMount™ is a UL 2703, 1703 certified Self-Grounded system that fits all solar panels and PV panel sizes with thicknesses between 33mm to 50mm, requires little to no tools or additional parts for installation, and is perfect for all residential and commercial applications. With Solar SpeedMount Push-N-Drop installation method, you can install, remove panels quickly and easily for repairs, replacements, or in the event of a fire.

SpeedMount™ Key Features

  • Shared Rail System
  • UL (2703, 1703)Certified and Listed
  • Self-Grounded (UL467 Tested)
  • Significantly faster installation times
  • No more need for multiple rails…One size rail fits all PV panels!
  • Fewer parts to stock
  • Support for all current structural integrity and wind standards
  • Competitive pricing
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • PE Certified to: ASCE/SEI 7-05 , 7-10 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings & Other Structures, International Building Code, 2006 , 2009 & 2012 Editions and Aluminum Design Manual, 2005 Edition